Welcome to the NPM Drinking Game! This game calls attention to the absurd levels JavaScript developers will go to avoid writing code. Because code written by strangers on the internet is guaranteed to be safe, secure, and performant, right?

The rules of the game are very simple.

  1. Think of a trivial programming task. The more trivial, the better.
  2. Think of a likely name for an NPM module that solves that task.
  3. If a module exists to solve that problem, check the following criteria:
    1. If the module has less than 20kb of code, excluding dependencies, take 1 more shot.
    2. If that module has over 1,000 weekly downloads, and the above is satisfied, take 1 more shot.
    3. If the module has dependencies, take 1 shot for every additional module, for each of the above criteria it satisfies.
  4. Then tally your score and drink up! (please don't actually drink)

Use the search bar below to play!